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Best Glamping Place

Quieter in comparison to popular Frinton, Walton provides a different range of historic, cultural and fun activities. The Naze Tower is an 86ft landmark that hosts exhibitions, a museum, panoramic rooftop views, a tea room and an art gallery. It is greatly popular amongst the locals and a hub for dog walkers and fossil hunters. The famous 'Red Crag'which stands alongside the tower, is often a centre point for adults and children scouring its beach for a megalodon shark's tooth. It is, in itself, a geographical wonder and also affords clear views across to Harwich Docks with an exploratory circular walk on the coastal edge. Many visitors enjoy Walton pier, which was established in1830 and extends 3/4 mile into the sea, perfect for fishing! The undercover funfair, amusements and rides guarantee some seaside fun regardless of the weather

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