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Best Places To Go Glamping

Known best for its maritime history and Haven Port activity, Harwich Old Town is utterly charming and understated. TheHa’penny (Victorian Wooden Pier) is a magnificent hub to search out the sea dog in you with a variety of water traffic to busy your eyes. Catch the sunset for added romance! There are a handful of much-loved pubs frequented by resident and visiting sailors, where the beer is impressive and the food is outstanding. The charismatic cobbled streets are peppered with history and a few distinguished restaurants. By day, the ice cream van is well stocked and the coastal walks are superb, you can even catch a quaint little foot ferry across the water to nearby Shotley for a different view.

Harwich has some lovely pubs for an afternoon of lunch or an evening of dinner. The Alma Inn, a twenty-minute drive from the yurt, is one of our families favourites restaurant and we are sure you will feel the same.

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